Zoran Drakulic

Privrednik Club

Zoran Drakulic

Privrednik Club


Zoran Drakulic, the owner of a private enterprise Point Group Int doo, Belgrade and president of the Serbian Business Club, Privrednik, inaugurated for the third term.

Zoran Drakulic was born in Ljubljana in 1953.

He is divorced and father of three daughters.

His father was Colonel Danilo Drakulic, who founded Aviogenex, charter airline based at Belgrade Airport, as an air transport division of Generalexport, an enterprise for foreign and domestic trade, tourism and air transport.

Zoran Drakulic graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and he began his career in Generalexport in financial and commercial affairs department. 

For seven years he was CFO of Genex affiliated company Yougo-Arab, one of the first offshore companies that covered business activities in the Middle East. In 1989 he became a Deputy Director in Genex Bank in charge of contacts with large banks and financial organizations. His main tasks were financial and commodity transactions including buying of the debt products from the secondary markets. 

In June 1990 he founded his company East Point Holdings Ltd based in Cyprus, and gradually opened subsidiaries and representative offices in twelve countries worldwide.

 East Point Holdings Ltd was one of the largest companies in region. The company invested in Serbia and became the owner or co-owner of the number of companies in milling and baking industry, as well as of two factories for non-ferrous metals processing. It was the leading grain trading company in the region.

Point Group Int doo, his present company, was established in Belgrade in 2011 and the company, for some time, continued with grain trade and production of wheat and corn flour. 

Its affiliated company Bio Energy Point doo is registered for operations in the area of renewable energy sources. The factory in Boljevac produces beech pellet, an efficient, high-calorie biomass fuel, and it has become the market leader in Serbia and region.  In 2019   the-state-of-art cogeneration plant which is producing 2.4 MW/h of electricity and 8 MW/h of thermal power started to work.  Almost all generated heat is used for the production of pellet during the whole year, which makes the plant extremely energy efficient.

In July and August 2022, 2.7 MWh of solar power was put into operation, that covers factory’s daily electricity consumption. For 2023, we plan to install another 2.7 – 3 MWh of solar panels with batteries that will store electricity during the day in order to use that electricity for night production. These solar panels will be mounted above the 30,000m² greenhouse where we will produce vegetables and fruits.

He is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and Serbian Association of Economists.

He has a fluent knowledge of English.

His hobby is a part of his occupation, he enjoys reading business magazines and socializing at the economic events. Playing tennis is his great passion.

The personal magic moments were hearing his children’s first words, graduating from university and travelling to far away exotic destinations.

The success for him comes with education, hard work, persistence, creativity, planning and with focus to achieve the goals. It is important to be up to date on the most important current events related to your scope of work. Estimating the future based on past and present data will give help you how to move your business in the right direction. You have to be a person of integrity so that people trust you and believe in you.

Formerly actively practicing sports, he was the national pioneer and junior champion in breaststroke swimming, member of the national team and then coach of the national swimming team. 


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